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By now the devastating health impacts of cigarette smoking are well known to residents of Illinois. However, the role of large tobacco companies played in the marketing of cigarettes to our residents is still an issue that Koester Law, PLLC is investing for individuals who had been diagnosed with specific types of tobacco-related cancers.

Apart from the physical and emotional damage that a cancer diagnosis has on both the afflicted individual by the tobacco-related disease and his/her family, soaring medical costs and mounting medical bills also place financial burden on cancer victims and their loved ones. Koester Law, PLLC is aware of these ramifications and believe that Big Tobacco should be held responsible and accountable for their role and the proliferation of cancer found in Illinois smokers.

Koester Law, PLLC wants smokers who have been afflicted with cancer to know that there is hope in recovering monetary settlements against tobacco manufacturers in Illinois. With an experienced litigation and trial team that is knowledgeable in tobacco cases and an in trying lawsuits in this regard, Koester Law, PLLC is well-positioned to allow victims of deceitful tobacco companies to recover for their financial, physical and emotional devastation. Koester Law, PLLC believe the tobacco companies should be held accountable for unethical marketing and pushing their cancer-causing products on Illinois residents. It is not too late to file a lawsuit against tobacco companies.

The Dangers of tobacco are well-known and well-publicised by the media. Still, many Illinois residents and smokers across the country started smoking before the big tobacco companies had accepted responsibility for the addictive nature of tobacco such as cigarettes and cigars. THese individuals often suffer from cancers other than lung cancer which was the subject of prior class action lawsuits. This means that if you are a long-time smoker, and have developed cancer, you may be entitled to a financial recovery. Let the tobacco lawyers at Koester Law, PLLC know how we can help.

Although the media and health industry professionals constantly warn of lung cancer risks associated with cigarette smoking, lung cancers are not the only type of cancers that tobacco use can cause. Koester Law, PLLC is investing a number of cancers that proliferate through the head and neck as well as the throat such as laryngeal cancer, oral cancer such as tongue cancer and pharyngeal cancer. While these cancers are lesser known than lung cancer with respect to cigarette smoking, these types of cancers are strongly related to tobacco use are the subject of lawsuits filed in Illinois. Cases involving these cancers are on file across the state including Cook County but also in Central Illinois counties such as Champaign County and McLean County.

The tobacco lawsuit team of Koester Law, PLLC would like to point out that these cancers are not relegated to the elderly or life-time smokers but that instances of these terrible diseases are found in both the young and old. If you or a loved one, no matter what age, have smoked cigarettes and have been diagnosed within the last two years with cancer of the head, neck or throat, you may be entitled to substantial compensation by filing a lawsuit against Big Tobacco companies.

What Are the Basic Requirements of a Tobacco Cancer Lawsuit in Illinois?

Koester Law, PLLC is consulting with Illinois residents who generally began smoking cigarettes between the 1950s and 1970s and have been diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer or any other head and neck cancers. Additionally, smokers affected by these cancers should generally have smoked at least one pack of a cigarettes a day. Due to the Illinois Statute of Limitations, the cancer diagnosis must have occurred within the last two years.

Tobacco companies were forced to put warnings on the packages of cigarettes and other tobacco products due to litigation and governmental action in roughly the mid-1960s. These warnings were not sufficient, however, and were not fully subject to proper warnings until much later. It was only after legislation that lawsuits were filed. Due to the Black Box Warnings on cigarettes being either inadequate or non-existent, consumers who began smoking in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were not adequately warned of the danger or health consequences associated with smoking cigarettes and using tobacco. Additionally, the addictive nature of the nicotine found in cigarettes and other tobacco products was not revealed by the Big Tobacco companies. Consequently, smokers and tobacco users who smoked every day for over 20 years have gone on to develop not only lung cancer but also have had neck cancer, throat cancer and tongue cancer.

The economic impact of these cancers has been calculated by the federal government and cancer study organizations at over 133 billion dollars between the years of 2000 and 2012. While this number is staggering, it only begins to scratch the surface.

Why Do I Need a Tobacco Lawsuit Lawyer in Illinois?

As one may expect, lawsuits against cigarette companies are heavily based in science and are very complex. It is nearly impossible to pursue a case such as this without the assistance of an Illinois attorney experienced in such trials. This is the best way to have your potential case evaluated and litigated in an Illinois court.  Additionally, other intervening injuries such as medical malpractice may be involved if the cancer is misdiagnosed.

Koester Law, PLLC is an experienced and established law firm. Through our national alliances and active trial practice, we have the resources and knowledge available to successfully litigate claims against Big Tobacco companies. Koester Law, PLLC has recovered millions from large corporations in the past and we continue to investigate cases related not only to tobacco but also defective pharmaceutical products, medical devices and consumer goods. The tobacco lawsuit lawyers of Koester Law, PLLC believe that the victims of tobacco-related cancers should not have to fight Big Tobacco on their own. We can help you or a loved one recover not only for pain and suffering but also for lost wages and medical expenses.

How Successful Would a Tobacco Lawsuit Be in Illinois?

It is widely known that tobacco lawsuits have been raging for decades. While some cases were won by plaintiffs, these cases were often appealed and took many years to make it through the court system.  Koester Law, PLLC’s Injury lawyers are known for taking on big businesses from massive insurance companies to large agricultural companies who produce dangerous chemicals. During the 1980s and 1990s internal tobacco company documents were brought to the attention of consumer protection attorneys and they helped to hold the largest tobacco companies accountable for concealing the addictive nature and deadly consequences of their products. The first major milestone was a 2000 verdict of $51.5 million for a California smoker against the giant tobacco company, Philip Morris. Presently, there are class actions and individual lawsuits across the county involving plaintiffs diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer, however, is not the only fatal disease caused from smoking. Smoking can lead to throat cancer, oral cancer and head and neck cancers. These are the cancers that Koester Law, PLLC is undertaking to investigate and pursue potential lawsuits for Illinois smokers.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with throat cancer, oral cancer or head and neck cancers and began smoking during the 1970s or earlier, please call for a free consultation with one of Koester Law, PLLC’s tobacco attorneys. In order to hold Big Tobacco companies accountable for their deceitful actions, the first step is to pursue litigation and seek recover. Koester Law, PLLC is here to provide protection when victims of Big Tobacco need it most.

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