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Complex Litigation and Defective Products

Koester Law, PLLC has the experience and financial resources to handle large-scale cases not only for residents of CHampaign Urbana, but also across Illinois and nationally. Koester Law, PLLC has over 100 years of experience in providing civil justice to those who have been injured. Included in this experience is representing clients in large-scale and complex litigations. Whether it is a class action or a mass tort, Koester Law, PLLC has a proven track record of getting our clients money in the face of lengthy, complex and arduous litigation. Injuries can come from a variety of causes and can be both physical in nature and also financial.

Mass torts happen when large numbers of people receive the same or similar injuries at the hands of companies manufacturing and producing unsafe and defective products. Efficiency is gained by representing a number of such clients at the same time. Examples of such litigation may involve products that have caused property damage such as polybutylene piping and products that have caused injuries such as pharmaceuticals.

Some of these products include defective medical devices, dieting drugs, polybutylene piping, consumer products, and other common household products. Other complex, multi-party litigations can result from large accidents like a company’s contamination of a water supply, a train accident, or even a chemical leak.

Whatever the misfortune may be, Koester Law, PLLC has the veteran lawyers, financial resources, experience, and dedication necessary to handle these large and complex cases. Our previous cases have included dangerous breast implants, dangerous pharmaceuticals, shareholders’ derivative suits, and polybutylene piping. If you or a loved one has been injured, either financially or physically, you should contact an experienced lawyer who can ensure that you receive the justice you deserve. Do not wait as time may limit the opportunities that you or a loved one may have to be compensated for your injuries. Further, do not underestimate the benefit of having local representation even in a National case where you or a loved one will be more than a number.

Koester Law, PLLC handles complex litigation and mass tort cases on a contingent fee basis with the fee being a percentage of the recovery. There is no fee if there is no recovery.

Client Reviews

I had an automobile accident with substantial injuries that made it difficult to leave my house. Tom came to my home to meet with me on may occasions and got be a very good settlement.

Jan Mitchel

These guys are solid for personal injury cases. I have referred a number of auto accident cases to them fro friends and family and they have done an excellent job and recovered more than I would have thought...

Quick Fit

I worked with Tom Koester on my auto accident case. He treated me with respect and recovered enough money that it made a positive impact on my life. I would recommend.

William Monroe

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