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The Top Halloween Safety Tips 2022
Tom Koester

Updated October 2022 Halloween Safety Tips 2022 Quick Points for Lazy Readers: Halloween is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, but there are many things you should keep in mind this year to keep you and your kids safe. In addition to avoiding tripping hazards, you should wear safe costumes and avoid…

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How Deadly is Your State this Holiday Season?
Tom Koester

The Time of Day, Speed, and Alcohol and Drug Use Factor Significantly in to Thanksgiving and Holiday Car Accidents About this time every year Americans are inundated with news stories and articles about holiday travel and the dangers associated with a sharp increase in travelers during November and December. However, there is usually very little…

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Caught in the Act of Stupid–Livestream Speeding Videos Putting Lives at Risk
Tom Koester

The COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic effects American motorists. Beginning early on in April and May 2020, the sharp decrease in drivers across the country, as well as in Illinois, drove the normally stingy car insurance industry to return some of its premium payments back to customers or to give discounts for future premium payments.…

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Covid-19 Update
Tom Koester

Koester Law, PLLC knows that the Corona virus outbreak can leave clients feeling helpless, even if you are a present client. Tom Koester and Ryan Bradley, as well as our employees, are abiding by both Illinois State and Federal guidelines regarding shelter in place orders.  In the process we have learned a great deal about…

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What Are the Most Common Injuries After a Car Accident in Illinois?
Tom Koester

Car accidents happen. It is just a fact of life. In fact according to the New York Times, American have a 1 in 103 chance of suffering a death from a cart accident. Still, car crashes and accidents usually do not result in death. When you’re injured in a vehicle accident in Central Illinois or…

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Train and Automobile Collisions in Illinois: A Deadly Combination
Tom Koester

It may be surprising to learn that accidents involving railroad track and crossings and automobiles and pedestrians are very frequent in Central Illinois. In fact Champaign Urbana has had a large number of injuries given the large amount of pedestrian traffic with the University of Illinois and large population base for downstate Illinois. The most…

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When and How Most Illinois Car Accidents Happen
Tom Koester

Auto mishaps are the leading cause of death among individuals aged 1 to 34 years old nationally. The same general pattern holds true for Illinois as a state and also Champaign County and Central Illinois where Koester Law, PLLC focuses its personal injury practice. Over 40,000 individuals each year in the United States die as…

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I had an automobile accident with substantial injuries that made it difficult to leave my house. Tom came to my home to meet with me on may occasions and got be a very good settlement.

Jan Mitchel

These guys are solid for personal injury cases. I have referred a number of auto accident cases to them fro friends and family and they have done an excellent job and recovered more than I would have thought...

Quick Fit

I worked with Tom Koester on my auto accident case. He treated me with respect and recovered enough money that it made a positive impact on my life. I would recommend.

William Monroe

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