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Car Accidents FAQs

Illinois Car and Truck Accidents are Traumatic

An auto accident is a shock to the system.  You experience pain and confusion.  You only focus should be trying to recovery from your injuries, yet you have so many questions.  Adding to the confusion and stress of the auto accident is the fact that you are immediately contacted by an insurance adjuster who works for the driver of the vehicle that caused and who insists on taking your statement–even in the hospital.

Have you been injured in a car accident in Illinois?  If you have, this scenario may sound familiar. It is important to understand the legal process and how it pertains to cases involving auto accidents. The litigation and lawsuit process can be quite complicated and usually differs on a case-to-case basis. Please read on for additional information regarding Illinois car accident lawsuits or contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

What Is a Motor Vehicle Accident?

A serious injury or death caused by the negligent behavior or carelessness of another driver. These accidents include motorcycle crashes, car collisions, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, semi-tractor trailer collisions and rollovers as well as accidents involving drunk or hit and run drivers.

I Was Involved in a Car Accident. What Should I Do?

Call the police and file a formal report. It is important that you get the other driver’s insurance information. The police report will be very helpful when filing an insurance claim.
Seek the necessary medical treatment.
Never say you are at fault for the accident to anyone at the scene of the accident.
Do not plead guilty in court.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Called Me. Do I Have to Talk to Them?

No, you NEVER have to talk to the insurance company representing the at-fault driver.  In fact, we strongly advise against making any type of recorded statement to an insurance company without counsel. Insurance companies are not on your side.

The Other Driver Did Not Have Any Car Insurance. What Can I Do?

Call your insurance carrier and determine if you had purchased uninsured/underinsured coverage. If you did, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company for any damages that exceed the other driver’s coverage limits.  Just like other Illinois automobile car accident and personal injury cases, there is a time frame for filing claims with your own insurance company.  This period of time can be one to two years, and it is governed by your insurance contract.  If you do not have a copy of your full insurance contract, you have the legal right to demand it from the insurance company.

Who Is Responsible for My Medical Bills?

Usually, the party-at fault is responsible for paying medical bills, vehicle damage and other expenses such as lost work.  This is where Koester Law, PLLC comes in.  It is difficult to negotiate with insurance companies over payment of your medical bills after a car or truck accident.  Injuries can be severe, and the bills can be an almost impossible burden.

How Long Do I Have to File an Auto Accident Lawsuit Illinois?

In Illinois, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident.

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I had an automobile accident with substantial injuries that made it difficult to leave my house. Tom came to my home to meet with me on may occasions and got be a very good settlement.

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These guys are solid for personal injury cases. I have referred a number of auto accident cases to them fro friends and family and they have done an excellent job and recovered more than I would have thought...

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I worked with Tom Koester on my auto accident case. He treated me with respect and recovered enough money that it made a positive impact on my life. I would recommend.

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