The Complexity and Tragic Nature of Car Accidents calls for Experience and Vigilance of a Local Champaign-Urbana Attorney

Serving the Champaign-Urbana  Area and All of Central Illinois

After an Automobile or Vehicle accident, remember the Insurance company is NOT on your side

Serving the Champaign-Urbana 
Area and All of Central Illinois

The car accident attorneys at Koester & Bradley, LLP in Urbana have provided representation to various injured individuals.  We have also successfully represented the survivors of individuals killed as a result of the operation of highway vehicles including auto accidents and accidents involving buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.  We also work with victims of accidents involving aircraft, trains, and off-road vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, and farm tractors.

In addition to handling cases involving negligent operation of vehicles, our attorneys have handled cases involving the design of vehicles.

To best support the claim of a car accident injury victim, our car accident lawyers in Champaign-Urbana must be able to prove that the defendant caused the accident and determine precisely what happened to cause an injury.  However, circumstances behind accidents can be complex and difficult to prove for many reasons.

Illinois contributory negligence law requires an injury lawyer to prove the degree of fault for everyone involved.  If the victim shares 50 percent or more of the blame, he or she may not be able to collect compensation from others involved.  In addition to driver negligence, many other factors—such as damaged or dangerous roadways or improperly repaired vehicles—can contribute to a car accident.  A car accident attorney must be able to accurately identify all causes to determine all parties at fault.

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Our law firm has substantial experience in working with accident reconstruction experts and various other experts such as experienced engineers and professional vehicle operators.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, you need a competent and experienced car accident attorney to provide skilled support for your claim.  Our attorneys have the financial and legal resources needed to provide a high level of support for even the most complex car accidents.  Furthermore, it is important for the attorney handling your accident case to have local experience in the geographical area in order to fully grasp the facts of the case.  There is no upfront charge for any type of personal injury case. We handle these cases on a contingent fee basis which means if there is no recovery then there is no fee.  Contact us today.