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The Complexity and Tragic Nature of Car Accidents calls for Experience and Vigilance of a Local Champaign-Urbana Attorney

Serving the Champaign-Urbana  Area and All of Central Illinois

After an Automobile or Vehicle accident, remember the Insurance company is NOT on your side

Serving the Champaign-Urbana 
Area and All of Central Illinois

The car accident attorneys at Koester & Bradley, LLP in Urbana have provided representation to various injured individuals.  We have also successfully represented the survivors of individuals killed as a result of the operation of highway vehicles including auto accidents and accidents involving buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.  We also work with victims of accidents involving aircraft, trains, and off-road vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, and farm tractors.

In addition to handling cases involving negligent operation of vehicles, our attorneys have handled cases involving the design of vehicles.

To best support the claim of a car accident injury victim, our car accident lawyers in Champaign-Urbana must be able to prove that the defendant caused the accident and determine precisely what happened to cause an injury.  However, circumstances behind accidents can be complex and difficult to prove for many reasons.

Illinois contributory negligence law requires an injury lawyer to prove the degree of fault for everyone involved.  If the victim shares 50 percent or more of the blame, he or she may not be able to collect compensation from others involved.  In addition to driver negligence, many other factors—such as damaged or dangerous roadways or improperly repaired vehicles—can contribute to a car accident.  A car accident attorney must be able to accurately identify all causes to determine all parties at fault.

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Our law firm has substantial experience in working with accident reconstruction experts and various other experts such as experienced engineers and professional vehicle operators.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, you need a competent and experienced car accident attorney to provide skilled support for your claim.  Our attorneys have the financial and legal resources needed to provide a high level of support for even the most complex car accidents.  Furthermore, it is important for the attorney handling your accident case to have local experience in the geographical area in order to fully grasp the facts of the case.  There is no upfront charge for any type of personal injury case. We handle these cases on a contingent fee basis which means if there is no recovery then there is no fee.  Contact us today. 

Illinois Car Accidents are Stressful, Let Koester & Bradley Answer Your Questions

Why hire a lawyer after an automobile accident in Illinois?

Like many other states, the laws in Illinois are easier for insurance companies to take advantage of individual residents and in particular victims of automobile accidents. This is why reliable data from studies has shown that individuals who consult experienced attorneys after their automobile accidents receive much higher compensation and monetary payouts than those who do not consult an attorney in Illinois. The insurance adjuster who may seem friendly when he or she calls after your accident is nothing more than one of thousands of insurance industry professionals who are specially trained to pay as little money as possible to victims in auto accidents. In fact, it has been proven through investigation that insurance adjusters are often compensated based on how little they can pay injury victims from automobile accidents. This is why, no matter what is advertised on TV, you are never in good hands, and insurance companies will never treat you like a good neighbor.

At Koester and Bradley our experienced auto accident team has been handling vehicle wrecks in Central Illinois from Danville to Decatur, IL to Champaign to Springfield since 1895. Your initial consultation is free of charge, and we handle cases on a contingency basis which means you only pay us if we recover money for your injuries.

What will your auto accident lawyer do for you? 

The experienced auto accident lawsuit team at Koester and Bradley will fully investigate your accident by ordering the necessary government documents such as police reports, accident investigations or accident reconstructions, will consult with experts from fields such as mechanical engineering, medical care, life planning, and accident reconstruction.

We will handle your case from start to finish which is why it is vital to seek the assistance of an experienced accident lawyer as soon as possible. We will negotiate liens and medical payments with healthcare providers. We will help you coordinate your care with the best physicians in Illinois. We will work from the start to build the most persuasive and moving case possible with the intent of taking every case all the way to trial. At the same time, we will keep you informed of all settlement offers so that you can resolve your case as quickly as possible should you desire to do so. We will analyze the insurance policies and procedures that are relevant to your case including arbitration provisions and policy limits to make sure and no money is left on the table. We will work directly with Medicare, the United States Social Security office, and the State of Illinois Medicaid Program to make sure that when you settle your case with Koester and Bradley you are not left with any surprise bills.

What information will my accident lawyer investigate? 

Automobile accidents leave many questions unanswered. It is exceedingly difficult for victims of auto accidents in Illinois to successfully acquire all of the documentation and information that is necessary to receive full compensation for their injuries as well as pain and suffering without the assistance of an attorney. At Koester and Bradley we will provide the following services:  obtaining the police crash report, taking photographs and videos of the damaged vehicle and/or scene of the accident, obtaining eyewitness statements and if necessary getting witness statements under oath in a deposition, recovering data from the event data recorder aka “the black box”, researching any relevant manufacturing defects or recalls present in either your vehicle or the vehicle of the negligent driver and obtaining all your medical records and bills.   

Due to the rise of distracted driving and cell phone usage in Illinois, obtaining cell phone carrier data and data from individual handsets and smartphones has become absolutely mandatory in automobile accident cases. The investigating team at Koester and Bradley is able to recover most of this information and truly receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Why should you never speak to insurance companies after an automobile accident? 

The insurance industry is a wealthy one. The financial resources State Farm Insurance, Allstate Insurance, Farmers Insurance, and Liberty Mutual are so vast that these , companies can spend unexhausted amounts of resources in training their employees and investing the technology available, all of which are used to ensure that they do not have to pay for injury claims. Additionally, most insurance companies have shareholders and investors who are ultimately reaping the profits from the behaviors of insurance adjusters seeking to minimize claim payments. This is why it is vital after an auto accident to first contact an experienced attorney such as the legal team at Koester and Bradley before giving any recorded statements or even speaking with representatives from insurance companies. Finally, there is generally never a situation where any driver should agree to any type of settlement offer or agree to releasing medical information to an insurance company without first consulting at attorney.



At Koester & Bradley, we believe that no person injured in an automobile, semi truck, or motorcycle crash in Illinois should face the insurance companies alone.  We are here to guide you or a loved one through the personal injury settlement or litigation process to maximize your monetary recovery for your injuries. Call us today or submit your claim for a free and confidential evaluation.

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