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Koester Law, PLLC FAQs

At Koester Law, PLLC we believe that all clients should educate themselves on their cases and the issues involved with pursuing their claims.  We strive to provide this information on our website and blog network, but also spend a great deal of time counseling our clients on both the positive and negative aspects of each case and the relevant legal issues.  Although our practice is located in Champaign Urbana, we counsel individuals across Central Illinois.  Further, our belief in education extends to our alliance with other outlets that provide solid legal information such as NOLO.com

Can I Help Manage My Case?

We will always review documents prepared by clients to assist us in seeking compensation for their injuries.  We cannot, however, sign our names to documents, or place text written by clients on our letterhead without having control over the end product.  This being said, we always want our clients to assist us with their cases.

What Distinguishes Your Law Firm From Others?

Tom Koester believes the skills of Champaign-Urbana personal injury law firms or any other local law firms must extend beyond legal knowledge. The complexity of personal injury cases requires injury law firms to have strong investigative abilities and access to specialized resources to unravel the details behind what really happened in every accident case or fall case. Without this level of understanding and evidence, obtaining full compensation for your injuries and other losses may not be possible. When you bring your case to Koester Law, PLLC, you can be assured your case will be handled meticulously to ensure the best possible results.

Is Your Firm Willing to Review Documents Prepared by Clients?

We will always review documents prepared by clients to assist us in seeking compensation for their injuries. We cannot, however, sign our names to documents, or place text written by clients on our letterhead without having control over the end product. This being said, we always want our clients to assist us with their cases.

Is Your Firm Willing to Coach Clients Who Want to Represent Themselves?

While we want our clients to get the best possible results at Koester Law, PLLC, and to that end we focus on representing our clients ourselves. We always want our clients to be involved and active in every part of the litigation process and constantly communicate with our clients to educate them on the process and receive their feedback. This being said, we do not give legal advice to clients and then send them to the courthouse on their own. This practice does not serve the best interest of the client. If our services are not needed for the client to recover fully, we will communicate this fact and allow the client to pursue the case pro se. We do not , however, provide “coaching.”

How Frequently Does Your Firm Use Mediation, Arbitration, or Collaborative Law to Resolve Cases?

Mediation, Arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution procedures are incredibly helpful and beneficial for most clients. At Koester Law, PLLC we frequently mediate and arbitrate a wide variety of cases. These cases include all types of personal injury and also insurance coverage matters which are frequently arbitrated. Our number one priority is to maximize our client’s recovery and many times alternative dispute resolution is the best way to do so. A mediation allows for a neutral and experienced party to allow both sides to compromise and come together without the expense or time required for all out litigation and trial. This benefits our clients in that it reduces the cost of litigation which puts more of the recovery in the client’s pocket. Our desire to use mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution at Koester Law, PLLC does not, however, mean that we are unwilling to try cases. Instead, we focus on preparing every case that we undertake for trial to maximize recoveries. Finally, the ultimate decision to mediate and arbitrate lies with the client and we are there to help every step of the way.

What Are Your Firm’s Strengths and Style?

Koester Law, PLLC is in every way a modern Law Firm. While we have been practicing law in Central Illinois since 1895 our strengths are our tenacity and our efficiency. Due to our local ties, and our investment in the best technology and infrastructure possible, we are able to handle the most complicated cases in a fast and efficient manner. Furthermore, a reputation as the premiere trial lawyers in Central Illinois precedes us. This allows Koester Law, PLLC to achieve the best possible result for clients. We are not a law firm based on flashy advertising or empty threats. We work up every case with the thought of going to trial, and backup our work with the level of tenacity and intelligence seldom found in the Champaign-Urbana community. We like to think the Koester Law, PLLC is the perfect blend of modern efficiency in traditional values.

Pro bono activities and charitable outreach are two of the cornerstones of Koester Law, PLLC’s set of values. We are active members in our community and constantly provide pro bono legal service to those in need within our community. These cases are chosen on a case-by-case basis, however it is not uncommon for us to devote hundreds of hours to pro bono activities each year. These activities range from helping not-for-profit organizations establish new Charities, to representing individuals they cannot afford Legal Services.

What Experience or Education Distinguishes Your Lawyers From Others?

At Koester Law, PLLC we are trial attorneys. This means that we do not simply take cases and hope to settle them because we are afraid to go to court. Tom Koester has been a trial lawyer in the Champaign-Urbana Community for over 25 years and has tried over 100 lawsuits.

Client Reviews

I had an automobile accident with substantial injuries that made it difficult to leave my house. Tom came to my home to meet with me on may occasions and got be a very good settlement.

Jan Mitchel

These guys are solid for personal injury cases. I have referred a number of auto accident cases to them fro friends and family and they have done an excellent job and recovered more than I would have thought...

Quick Fit

I worked with Tom Koester on my auto accident case. He treated me with respect and recovered enough money that it made a positive impact on my life. I would recommend.

William Monroe

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