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At Koester & Bradley, LLP, we have decades of experience in helping those injured in automobile and semi-truck accidents.  Victims must act quickly in order to receive compensation for their injuries because time limits may eliminate the victim’s rights.  Trucking companies are highly regulated by State and Federal Agencies such as the Department of Transportation and it is vital to make sure that all regulations are complied with.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, call right away and let our competent and experienced attorneys help you receive the compensation you deserve.

What type of Illinois attorneys can successfully handle cases regarding commercial vehicles? Not as many as you think. Only a few law firms in Illinois are equipped to handle interstate trucking cases.  Experience is key.  This experience reaches to a local level down to familiarity with the road systems crossing Central Illinois.  imply put, a Chicago trucking attorney may not be able to deliver the level of familiarity with the local conditions that a local Champaign- Urbana semi truck lawyer will. Additionally, Trucking cases call for knowledge of:

Our attorneys handle trucking cases on a contingent fee basis with the fee being a percentage of the recovery.  There is no fee if there is no recovery.  Better yet, give us a call at 217-337-1400, we always love to hear from you.

Champaign Urbana, and Central Illinois are Hot Beds for Trucking Accidents. Koester & Bradley, LLP has the Experience and Knowledge to Handle these Complex Cases

Koester & Bradley, LLP understands the added hazards associated with semi-trucks.  Semi-trucks are essential to the transportation of goods in our country.  This fact is especially clear in Champaign County and in Central Illinois where the major highways of the heartland intersect.  When Interstate 57, Interstate 74, and Interstate 72 come together a dangerous situation arises.  Trucks are also incredibly dangerous machines that are everywhere on the highways and roads.  Semis have larger blind spots on both sides, they carry heavy cargo (some of which can even leave debris on the roadways), they take much longer to stop, they can tip easily, their drivers can be mentally exhausted and the list goes on.

Smaller vehicles in semi-truck accidents often receive the brunt of the injuries.  These injuries can include brain damage, spinal cord damage, paralysis, and even death.  In 2007, there were over 6 million highway accidents; trucks constituted 3.7 million of those accidents.  63% of all of the accidents in 2007 involved a truck.

Trucking Accidents in Champaign Urbana Reflect the State as a Whole

In Illinois, the statistics are just as staggering.  While the Illinois Department of Transportation has only published conclusive data for 2011, over 17,000 Illinois vehicle accidents involved a large truck.  While this is only about 6% of all Illinois automobile wrecks, Central Illinois trucking accidents are generally far more catastrophic due to the immense size differential of the vehicle.  Furthermore, trucking companies are notorious for destroying information about accidents and are only required to keep data logs for 6 months.  This is why you will need the assistance of an Illinois trucking attorney to preserve your rights after a collision.  

Koester & Bradley has the Knowledge of Trucking Cases to help You Locally

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