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For Once The Government is Right, Shut Up, Stop Texting, and just Drive




The Government May not be Correct About Everything, but when it Comes to Distracted Driving in Illinois, it is.

This is not "Fake News." Throughout Champaign Illinois and across the country, distracted driving is rampant; and the many fatalities and injuries caused by cell phone use while simultaneously operating a vehicle caught the attention of employees at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  In November 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  posted a  press release on its website regarding suggested efforts that mobile phone manufacturers and carriers can implement to reduce distracted driving accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

The Champaign Urbana accident lawyers at Koester & Bradley have seen these startling statistics first-had in representing the victims of auto accidents and their families.

The suggestions call for cell phone manufacturers and carriers to develop smartphones that can link to an in-vehicle system, which darkens the mobile phone screen and disables cell phone features. An effort such as this should prevent a driver from using their smartphone while driving. When a device can’t get paired with an in-vehicle system, the National Highway Safety Administration suggests that mobile phone manufacturers and carriers include a “driver’s mode” function, which allows drivers to disable their phones during vehicle operation.

Automobile accidents and safety efforts affect every driver. Many states are increasingly producing case law whereby proof of distracted driving established prima facie evidence of negligence. The case law in some states even extends to distant third parties who knowingly text a person while they operate a vehicle. Until the technology reaches a point where car manufacturers and cell phone manufacturers can combine their efforts with certainty to reduce distracted driving and increase driver safety, it’s incumbent upon a driver to utilize available technologies to reduce distracted driving.

In Illinois, and particularly in Central Illinois and Bloomington and Decatur, when you get injured in a car accident, and a distracted driver caused the crash it’s important to let an experienced personal injury attorney manage your claim.  This is particularly important  Your injury entitles you to monetary compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.  Contact us, and get the compensation that you deserve.

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