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Koester & Bradley is centrally located in in Central Illinois which gives us a unique advantage when serving the victims of Bloomington car accidents or medical negligence.  Our mobile auto accident and personal injury team will meet with our Bloomington-Normal accident clients at their home or other convenient location.  The experienced injury lawyers at Koester & Bradley understand that victims of negligence, whether from a slip and fall or medical error, often feel damaged and alone when faced with navigating the difficult Illinois legal process.  That is why our Bloomington auto accident and personal injury team frequently advises clients from the Bloomington-Normal area.

Physical injuries resulting from an auto accident, or medical malpractice in Bloomington-Normal can cause significant financial harm as well as bodily harm in the form of medical bills and complicated insurance procedures.  The Bloomington accident attorneys at Koester & Bradley have been serving their clients since 1895 and can provide you the protection and compensation that you deserve--right when you need it the most.  Koester & Bradley handles you injury or accident claim from start to finish and irons out all of the details, including:

  • Negotiating the payment of medical bills and reducing medical liens and subornation liens from hospitals, medical clinics, chiropractors, and other medical care providers;

  •  Assisting clients in applying for disability or worker's compensation if the accident happened while during the course and scope of employment; 
  • Working with healthcare providers and insurance companies to keep medical bills out of collections throughout the duration of the case so that you only need to pay for your care after we make a recovery;
  •  Making sure that you are not being overcharged for your medical treatment and that you see the proper specialists to get better and receive the best recovery possible;
  • Assisting you in understanding the insurance companies involved in the case, including 
    protection you might have from your own policy;

  • Assisting with negotiating property damage settlements, when applicable, for your vehicle or property.

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Koester & Bradley's Guide to Bloomington Normal

Bloomington-Normal is the largest density of population in McLean County which is one for the larger counties in Central Illinois with a Population 169,572.  In short, lots of people and lots of auto accidents and personal injuries.  With this many people, may car accidents and other injuries happen on the roadways each and every day.  Koester & Bradley has been serving the citizens of McLean County as personal injury attorneys since 1895.  Similar to Champaign County to the east,  McLean County is the home to a variety of prominent cities ranging in size from business centers such as Bloomington-Normal, to smaller farming communities such as LeRoy, Lexington, and the unincorporated communities of Downs and Ellsworth.  

Interestingly, Bollonington is the home to the mighty State Farm Insurance Company which frequently strives to pay as little as possible for its insureds (it was ranked the fourth worst insurance company in America).  Our accident and insurance team has decades of experience negotiating with, and if necessary, taking State Farm to Court.  After all, even though the name of the defendant is on the Complaint, the insurance company is the party that pays--and they have deep pockets.  Additionally, Country Companies has a large office in Bloomington and also has a reputation for not paying enough for claims.

With its roots in agriculture, McLean County has many country roads used each year by large farming operations during planting and harvesting.  Due to the nature of country roads and the frequent presence of large farming equipment, McLean County has a high number of automobile and vehicle accidents ranging from tractor trailer collisions to ATV and motorcycle accidents.  Additionally, McLean County is home to major interstate highways such as I 74, I 55, and I 39.  These highways are heavily traveled each year and are the setting to many accidents and wrecks.

The County Seat of McLean County is Bloomington, and it is also the home to major companies and institutions such as State Farm Insurance and Illinois State University.  Major McLean County Hospitals include OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Illinois, and Advocate BroMenn Medical Center.  The Bloomington-Normal personal injury lawyers at Koester & Bradley have experience pursuing medical malpractice actions in the Bloomington area and have successfully achieved large verdicts and settlements in McLean County on a variety of malpractice claims.  

Koester & Bradley has been your Bloomington-Normal medical malpractice and accident law firm for over a hundred years and have assisted clients in McLean County win millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.  If you or somebody you care about lives in McLean County and has been injured by the negligence of others whether in an automobile accident or a medical malpractice case, please consider Koester & Bradley to serve as your McLean County injury attorneys.  

We will travel to you to meet you for a free case evaluation and since we take most of cases on a contingent fee basis, you do not have to pay us unless we win for you.  Let us be YOUR Bloomington-Normal personal injury and accident lawyers.


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