Koester & Bradley Understands that Many Questions Surround the Defective Stryker Hip Systems--Here are the Answers

With almost any lawsuit there are many questions to answer.  This is especially true now that a settlement has been reached. The Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II recall is no different.  Koester & Bradley is here to help Peoria, Illinois and the surrounding area answer questions:

  • I received a letter form Stryker, or a company called Broadspire, what should I do?  It is estimated that over 20,000 of the recalled hip devices were implanted and it is believed Stryker will be facing lawsuits from those suffering metal toxicity or poisoning as a direct result of the defective implants.  Broadspire is a subsidiary of Crawford & Company—the largest insurance and claims adjuster in the world. The motivation in retaining Broadspire for the Stryker cases is likely the same as for the previous Johnson & Johnson cases—to protect the company’s interests rather than those of the consumers affected by the hip implant recalls.  While working with Stryker and Broadspire is not always a bad idea, it is almost imperative to have a local attorney assist with the process.  Broiadspire will ask for your records, and even the ex-planted device.  This information will be used to defend your claim.  Koester & Bradley can help.  Please remember that even though a settlement has been reached in this case it is still wise to contact a local attorney to assist with the process.

  • I have not received any notice from my doctor about the Stryker ABG II or Rejuvenate, what should I do?  Some doctors in Peoria have not alerted their patients of the Stryker recall.  Just because you are not experiencing pain, it does not follow that you are not injured.  Further, doctors are charged with protecting your health, while attorneys are charged with preserving your rights.  It is import to consult with both to be fully protected. 

  • I received a Stryker Product Experience Report, how should I proceed? As of January, 2013, many recipients of the Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implant had received a Product Experience Report or PER. These letters appeared—at least on the surface—to simply be part of the Stryker investigation process. Just as with the J&J Broadspire letter, the  letter asked patients to grant permission to obtain personal medical records in order to “conduct an investigation of the issue.” The PER letter did not offer to pay for revision surgery or that ex-plants be turned over to them, however have no doubt that the information that Stryker will only be used to minimize its loss, and not help the patient.

  • I have had a revision of my ABG II or Rejuvenate, what should I do with the device? Quite simply, retain the hip prosthesis and provide it to your attorneys as soon as possible for storage.  The device it at the heart of the case and Stryker or one of its agents should never receive the device.

  • My doctor says I am fine, why should I call Koester & Bradley and take part in the settlement?  Simple, it will not impact your health or progress to register your claim with a local attorney actively involved in the litigation whether or not you actually have the revision surgery.  Consultations with the Peoria Stryker Hip Recall Center are free of charge and are the first step in preserving your legal rights. Further, many recipients of a recalled Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implant have suffered serious injury from the device. An attorney can help determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of metal poisoning or if your implant is loosening due to infection, causing you constant pain and eventually substantiate your claim.  You do not need to fight Stryker alone.