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Illinois was Hit Hard with DePuy Metal-on-Metal
 Prostheses, Many Victims Live in Central Illinois

In August of 2010, DePuy Orthopedics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Inc., recalled the DePuy ASR Hip Prosthesis.  This is a metal-on-metal prosthesis system that evidence has shown was defectively designed.  The metal-on-metal design is prone to releasing metal ions into the tissue around the prosthesis, causing failure.  The resulting inflammation and infection is known as metalosis and is a very serious condition. 

If you become aware that you have a DePuy ASR prosthesis implanted, talk to your primary care physician and surgeon and begin a monitoring program involving blood tests.  Your physician should test for metal ions, including Cobalt and Chromium.  Your doctor will tell you the normal levels and what your levels are.  This monitoring is ongoing until you need to have the prosthesis replaced (revised).  Some law firms, such as Koester & Bradley, LLP, in Urbana, Illinois, have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all individuals that have the DePuy ASR but have yet to have the revision surgery.  Joining such a lawsuit will ensure that you have your expenses paid for by DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) and that your future prosthesis revision claim is not barred by the statute of limitations.

Be aware that pain is the key factor.  If you are experiencing pain, see your physician.  Only you can tell if the prosthesis is failing.  DePuy claims that only 13% of the prostheses are failing at this time.  However, most estimates in the products liability community suggest the number will be higher than 70%.  The company that manufactures the defective product will not let you know if your device has failed.  It is up to you to assert this claim.

 If you have any questions, it would be wise to contact an attorney at Koester & Bradley, LLP